Tyrolean water

The Water in Tyrol needs to be seen from a holistic point of view

Tyrol is located in the heart of Europe in the center of the narrow alpine region where clouds often accumulate and recurring precipitation happens.

Calling Tyrol water tower of Europe explains itself by looking at the country’s geographical, meteorological, topographical and geological location.

The foundation as well as all activities of “Wasser Tirol – Wasserdienstleistungs-GmbH express the significance, the appreciation and the protection requirement the tyrolean water claims.

Prior to founding the company an economy concept of tyrol’s water management was developed including the unique register of springs. Furthermore there were lots of discussions about political and legal responsibilities and competences regarding the economic use of the alpine watersupply and about the best possible and sustainable management of this life- and economy-penetrating resource.

Archetype Water

For one part water as an archetype derives from humans being born in amniotic fluid, practically existing of water and living from water. For the other part water – to be more exact glaciers and rivers – have shaped our country. Humans have always had to adjust to the dangers of water and learn how to use it in a beneficial way. Wasser Tirol’s services are based on this background. Therefore there are three aspects we are looking at doing our daily work in this field of responsibility:

Integration of the surroundings

All areas of life are steeped in water. Therefore we take as many questions and problems as possible regarding a water project into account. In our water projects we look at all factors – directly or indirectly related to the water - from a holistic point of few.

Possibilities of development

Already starting at the very beginning we investigate every project looking for its future possibilities of development (its sustainability) regarding economy, ecology and social aspects.  


The strong bound between Regions, communities and people to “their water” and the meaning of water for our nature, economy and living area require a high level of sensibility working on projects. That is why we treat them with responsibility and an ideal offer of multi disciplinary know-how and technological methods.  

To live up to all these aspects, we offer a broad variety of services. Clients from Tyrolean industries like water, energy, recreation, tourism, business, municipal and regional management get cross-functional services and holistic, sustainable solutions from one source.