Wasser Tirol

Your fully-fledged and reliable partner in regional development, resource management and quality assurance

Wasser Tirol's executive management
Wasser Tirol's executive management: General manager DI Rupert Ebenbichler and our authorized signatory Dr. Dietmar Thomaseth

We offer customized and quality assured solutions to all our clients. We are an ÖNORM EN ISO 9001 certificated company, which means we offer the following services: development in the field of overall resource management, processing and operation of projects and systems, research and training. We also offer our services as ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17025, ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 17020 and ÖNORM EN ISO/IEC 170650 accredited testing laboratory and inspection body for quality assurance.

Our Philosophy

Water is our country’s most important resource and has a strong influence on our life and our economy. The usage and refinement of this resource is very complex. It ranges from serving as tap water to the energetic and touristic usage, which are also the main cornerstones of the Tyrolean economy. In return water is also a potential danger for all building and settlement structures. Therefore our water needs a holistic view and a service provider who offers resource economics and quality assurance from a single source and develops projects which create a balance between ecology, economy and social aspects.