Small hydropower

We support you with the following services

  • Discharge measurements
  • Revitalization of the Tyorolian small power plants
  • Project development of regional and small power plants

Long tradition of small hydropower in Tyrol

Small hydropower has always been very important in Tyrol in the sector of electricity production. There are approximately 850 plants which produce about 1.600 GWh energy a year. That is about one quarter of the whole Tyrolean electricity. In the future Tyrol will force even more on small hydropower. Many of those plants are almost 100 years old and form part of the Tyrolean cultural heritage.

Reconstruction of the energy system with the help of small hydropower

The energy strategy of Tyrol wants the conversion into emission-free and renewable energy sources until 2050. Therefore the production of small hydropower needs to be increased and existing plants must be revitalized. Since 2011 the consultancy funding supports operators in revitalization and optimization of their plants. The funding currently has been extended until the end of 2016.

Small hydro power plants in Tyrol
Development of electricity prices